About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Creator. 

I'm Morgan, and I've been obsessed with making creative work since my early teens. Making films has always been as important to me as breathing.

My creative career has found me take on a multitude of disciplines, from experience-led design work, to game and web development, to photographing some of the biggest music artists in the world... but I've always maintained an undying and ardent passion for film.

I studied in Oxford, and in my time their I was fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with a wealth of fellow creatives. After uni I spent a year in film and television in several departments including locations and AD, but most notably the camera department, where I worked as an AC.


Beginning my freelance career I went on to work on film content for brands such as Victoria's Secret, Live Nation and ITV, to name a few, and collaborated with a variety of production companies and creatives.

Although I have found myself most recently drawn to working in fashion, which I find to be a melting pot of creative ideas, I adore all genres of film and continue to collaborate with new talented people on new projects... if you'd like to be one of them, let's talk!

Thanks for reading,